Cypress Creek Driving Academy has been authorized by the Department of Public Safety as a third-party skills testing (TPST) driving school.  We can administer the official DPS ROAD TEST – DRIVING TEST to anyone who has met the state requirements and is ready to get their Texas driver’s license! You may take the driving test with us even if you failed with DPS.
  • Weekend Testing
  • Before & After-hours testing
  • Same Day & Next Day Testing
  • DPS Authorized (Third Party Skills Test)
  • Rent Our Vehicle and insurance, if needed
Test offered in English and Spanish!

Don’t feel quite ready for your road test yet?

At our driving school we go above and beyond by offering Road Test Preparation before your official driving test. We will simulate your road test so that any mistakes that may have potentially failed you for your driving test are corrected. Road Test Prep is usually done right before your driving test with us. This is not private driving lessons, this is only for corrections specifically for your driving test.

Documents required are age specific for your road test.

Please review the requirements below:

TEENS (16-17):

1. Valid Texas Driving Permit (Paper copy is fine) held for 6 months and must be at least 16 years old


2. Valid DE-964 certificate (usually green, must state on certificate DPS COPY – FOR DRIVERS LICENSE ONLY)


3. Certificate of completion from the Impact Texas Teen Drivers (ITTD) video


*Additional requirements for Online Driver’s Ed & Parent Taught students:

32 Hour Classroom Log, Behind the Wheel Logs (14 Hours & 30 Hour Log) and the DE-964 Certificate issued by the school and/or Parent Taught Certificate (parent taught DE964) (Drivers License Portion). If student transferred from another driving school or from an online driving course, you must bring both DE964s. The transferred DE964 and the Final DE964

ADULTS (18+):

1. Valid Texas Learner License


2. Valid ADE-1317  certificate (usually purple)  Mandatory if 18-24 years old.


3. Certificate of completion from the Impact Texas Young Drivers (ITYD) video


Road Test in Your Vehicle Requirements


  • No rental cars, must show proof of liability insurance (applicant cannot be listed as an “excluded driver”).
  • Vehicle Must be registered in Texas with both license plates attached to vehicle
  • Car must be street legal with everything functioning properly. (current inspection, brake lights, turn signals and horn must work.)



Same Day Road Test!

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