Same Day Road Test

DPS Road Test

Cypress Creek Driving Academy has been authorized by the Department of Public Safety as a third-party skills testing (TPST) driving school. We can administer the official driving test to anyone who has met the state requirements and is ready to get their Texas driver’s license! You may take the driving test with us even if you failed at the DPS.

Don’t feel quite ready for your road test yet?

At our driving school we go above and beyond by offering Road Test Preparation before your official driving test. We will simulate your road test so that any mistakes that may have potentially failed you for your driving test are corrected. Road Test Prep is usually done right before your driving test with us. This is NOT private driving lessons, this is only for minor corrections specifically for your driving test.

Schedule Availability

Appointments are available 7 Days a Week with flexible times. Yes, Saturday and Sunday too! Are you running short on time? We CAN DO same day appointments too! You may take the test with us even if you failed at the DPS.

What You Need To Bring

All applicants are required to bring the following age-specific documents to be eligible to take the third-party DPS driving test with us.

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No Drivers Ed Certificate required if over 25 years of age.

*Parent Taught DE964 must be filled out and signed before arriving.

*If TEEN transferred from another driving school or from an online driving course, you must bring both DE964s. The transferred DE964 and the Final DE964.

Road Test in Your Vehicle Requirements

  • No rental cars, must show proof of liability insurance (applicant cannot be listed as an “excluded driver”).
  • Vehicle Must be registered in Texas with both license plates attached to vehicle
  • Car must be street legal with everything functioning properly. (current inspection, brake lights, turn signals and horn must work.)

No Car? No Problem!

Use our car, our insurance for an additional cost.

“Ms .Roxana was the most amazing driving instructor and the nicest ever. Super sweet, super professional and more then anything she was able to help out with what the DPS couldn’t and made it as easy and stressless as possible. When the DPS scheduled us for January of next year, she got it done the same day without an issue. You guys should definitely look forward into paying her a visit to solve any of your driver license issues.”

Heberth Roque, 2018

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